Fight the world’s hate
with the Messiah’s love

“Only the message of the gospel can overcome anti-Semitism”

– Josh Turnil

Director, Jews for Jesus France

In Berlin, a 70-year-old Jewish man was severely beaten in a random attack on a busy street. In New York, a knife-wielding attacker ambushed a Hanukkah celebration at the home of a rabbi, stabbing five guests. In France, a young Jewish man was hospitalized after being attacked by a group who threw stones and sprayed him with tear gas.

At Jews for Jesus, we will remain tenacious in our mission to spread the Messiah’s love during these hateful and trying times, but we need your strong support now.

Your gift today will make a difference in several ways:

  • You’ll enable us to share Jesus face-to-face with thousands of Jewish men and women throughout the world.
  • You’ll send missionaries and trained volunteers to key cities around the world.
  • You’ll place hundreds of Hebrew New Testaments into the hands of Israelis so they can read for themselves, in their own language, about the love and grace of Jesus.

Please, give the most generous gift you can today.

Your gift will be put to work right away where needed most to help Jews for Jesus minister to Jewish seekers across the globe.
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